Senior Process Control Engineer-Tank in Wichita Falls, TX at Vitro

Date Posted: 2/6/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description


The Tank Department consists of two 650 tons per day capacity tanks operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Solargray, Solarbronze, Graylite, Solex, and clear are produced in many thicknesses.  Solarcool products are also made.  Mixed ingredients are fed from the batch plant into the two tanks and melted in temperature that exceed 2900ºF.  The molten glass flows from these tanks into respective baths of molten tin where it floats on the tin surface, thereby creating a ribbon of glass with parallel surfaces and uniform thickness.

The glass is then conveyed to the rolls in the annealing lehr where it is cooled to working temperature.  After cooling the glass is delivered to the Wareroom for inspection, cutting, packing and shipping.

This position's responsibilities fall into the category of coordinating and directing  production activities of the batch plant, tanks, baths, and lehrs. Making decisions and assuming responsibility for meeting unit goals.  On frequent tours of the department, the incumbent has direct contact with the Supervisors, Tank, and other production engineers during which they discuss production activities, quality, process, operating procedures, policy, complaints, and personnel problems.

This position reviews and analyzes the various unit production and quality reports, and takes corrective action as necessary within the established operating parameters and procedures.  The incumbent refers serious or unusual circumstances to the Float Process Manager for directions and maintains close communications with the Wareroom, Quality Control, and other staff functions to assure efficient control of operations and to improve performance.

This position makes recommendations to the Float Process Manager regarding new methods, new equipment, organization, and general improvement of the Department and glass quality.  Periodically a thorough inspection of the tank refractory structure to determine condition and coordinates the ordering of material, supplies and equipment used in the unit.  Major items or new items are directed to the Float Process Manager for approval.

The incumbent keeps abreast of technological improvements to the process through contact with VITRO Research and other VITRO Tank facilities, exercises engineering skills and basic knowledge of the process and related equipment to determine those areas of least efficient operation and those most penalizing to quality.  As a result, he develops new methods or changes to equipment which leads to general improvement in the operation.

The incumbent helps coordinate, as needed, the efficient scheduling of manpower within the assigned area of the unit and administers a positive training and safety program to assure maximum performance.  This position, as part of the Works #4 philosophy, will create an atmosphere of confidence, mutual trust and respect with the tank employees.



Job Requirements

The incumbent must have a B.S. degree in ceramic or chemical engineering and a minimum of two years experience in production or process engineering.  General knowledge of float glass batch, melting and forming processes also is necessary.  The incumbent must have demonstrated leadership, judgment, administrative ability, and be alert and flexible to group details and use in making decisions in the face of rapidly changing conditions.