Senior Tank Engineer in Wichita Falls, TX at Vitro

Date Posted: 5/17/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description


This position is to provide the necessary technical support to the Tank Department in order to attain optimum glass quality, maximize speeds and yields, produce at the lowest possible costs and to develop the operational equipment to its maximum efficiency.

The incumbent reports directly to the Float Process Manager.

The plant operates two float glass furnaces 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Works #4 produces float glass for use by other VITRO plants and by outside customers in various glazing, mirror and automotive applications.

*Reporting directly to this position are:  Production Engineer Associate 2, Senior Process Control Engineer, Production Engineer 1 and Hot Repair Leadman.

The incumbent has the prime responsibility for providing the daily technical support to maximize quality, speeds and yields.  This position must insure the continued innovation and development of operational machinery to maximize production operations.

This position is in day to day contact with the Wareroom Department pursuing their joint interest in quality and with the Plant Engineer who is responsible for maintenance and satisfactory operation of tank equipment.  This position has customer contact through customer factory tours and visits to customer's plants on problems of quality.

The incumbent supervises the activities of the Senior Production Engineers.  Through their efforts there is a maximizing of daily and long range maintenance and development of tank technical services.  This requires daily inspection of tank processes and equipment to assure continued operational efficiency and to keep the Float Process Manager advised of technical phases of the tank operation.

  1. Safety, Health & Environment - Provide a safe and healthy work environment to minimize injuries and health concerns to employees while insuring adherence to environmental standards and policies.
  2. Quality - Establish and maintain a strong quality process in the Tank department which emphasizes the need for every employee to achieve conformance to defined requirements 100% of the time.
  3. Production - Provide the technical expertise to tank operations to assure safe , efficient daily operation.
  4. Development - Develop and coordinate short and long-term innovative projects to ensure the most modern and efficient technical mechanisms.
  5. Staff - Maintain close supervision with supporting staff to ensure a smooth running and efficient operation that meets the desired objectives and goals.
  6. Cost Control - Improve costs by recommending improvement projects and capital expenditures for areas of tank operation.
  7. Working Atmosphere - Ensure the non-union philosophy of Works #4 by assisting in creating an atmosphere of confidence, mutual trust and respect. Comply with corporate and plant Equal Employment Opportunity policies by assisting in the attainment of PPG's affirmative action goals and Equal Employment Opportunity commitments.
  8. Personal Growth - Continue personal growth and development for managerial effectiveness in accountability areas through involvement in appropriate on-job and off-job activities.

An Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.



Job Requirements

This position should have a B.S. degree in Engineering and 5+ years of tank operational, scheduling, and supervising experience of the equivalent.  The incumbent must have a exhibited leadership and administrative ability and possess the characteristics recognized as desirable in supervising employees and effectively controlling their activities.